Wooden this be nice for Hot Lunches?

In an effort to reduce waste at Brantford, we are always looking for ways to fill our green bins instead. While we wait for some Hot Lunch vendors to transition out of single use plastics, our latest initiative has been to ask them to exclude plastic forks and spoons. In their place, PAC has purchased wooden cutlery to distribute whenever they are required.

This is a big step in the right direction for our kids, but let’s help them take a leap instead! We can do that by keeping a set of reusable cutlery in their backpacks, so that they always have the best eating experience.

If you have other ideas on how we can make our school a greener place to learn, please share them with us in our “Greener Brantford” FB Group Chat.

PAC will provide compostable wooden cutlery that is kept clean within compostable packaging, but encourage all students to pack their own preferred set of eating utensils. Bon appétit!