Who is Most Like a Leprechaun? We’ll Find Out Through PAC’s March Contest!

Are you feeling lucky this month? As announced in PAC’s March Newsletter, our latest contest will uncover who at Brantford is the most like a Leprechaun. Every time each of the items listed below applies to you, give yourself the corresponding points. Then just tally it all up!

1 POINT if your name has an L in it
1 POINT if you own a green or gold shirt
1 POINT if you’ve eaten something green this week

2 POINTS if you’ve seen a rainbow
2 POINTS if you have brown or green eyes
2 POINTS if you have red hair
2 POINTS if you can draw a 4-leaf clover
2 POINTS if you have ever found treasure

3 POINTS if you can find Ireland on the map
3 POINTS if you were born in March

Bonne chance! 🍀