Basking in Appreciation: A Volunteer Breakfast that Warmed Our Hearts

“No one has ever become poor by giving,” was the Anne Frank quote that Principal Aujla used as she gave her speech of gratitude to the parents who attended the Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast on Wednesday, May 10th.

And what a meal it was! With an irresistible spread of fresh bagels, croissants, and delicious pastries from Mon Paris Patisserie, a fruit platter that was an absolute sensory delight, and the liquid gold (coffee!) that fuels us all.

Having made similar preparations for other events, volunteers could appreciate how much time, work and heart went into everything executed so beautifully by our students and teachers. The love was felt in all the details.

We are so grateful to everyone who began the preparations the day before, dressing the tables with lovely white linens and adorning them with vases filled with beautiful blooms. We know they began today early to ensure a timely start to the event immediately after first bell. Guests entered through the doors to a gym decorated with so many wonderful student projects, from the food trucks created by Madame Harpaz’s class decorating the stage, to the beautiful paper butterflies from Madame Slobodnick’s second graders, to the découpaged bottle centrepieces crafted by Monsieur Beattie’s class. It was all a feast for the eyes as we feasted on all the fare.

Let us tell you about the babysitting! Not only were our appetites catered to, but also the needs of parents with young children. The forethought of providing child care for the toddlers in tow was next level. Thank you Ms. Montgomery, for your students’ time that ensured parents could enjoy some pampering!

The cherry on top would have to be seeing the stream of teachers who took a few minutes out of their hectic day to pop in and say a few words to the volunteers. We see our educators whenever we go into the school to help, but there is rarely an opportunity to socialize with them. This was a truly wonderful touch.

Our music teacher Ms. Loo kicked it up a notch as she accompanied a vocal performance by her third graders (from both the english and french classes!) with her piano playing. The thank you song gave us all the warm fuzzies.

As a parting gift, the volunteers were given even more treats! Merci chocolates which served as a sweet reminder of the love and appreciation that went into this event. Thank you to everyone who made the Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast a day to remember❤️.