New School Year. New Hot Lunches!

It all comes back full circle. Not only do your orders offer convenience, they also help the PAC raise the funds essential to supporting Brantford students and staff throughout the year. For that, we thank you ❤.

Parents ordered more hot lunch dates with greater variety, so PAC is delivering! We’ve worked hard over the summer break to create a new schedule that we hope will meet your child(ren)’s lunch needs this coming term. Joining our popular lineup that includes White Spot, Fresh Slice Pizza, Basil Pasta Bar, Hong Sushi, and HiFive Chicken are 4 new restaurants.

Vendors are selected based not only on cost, but also on their ability to meet the unique packaging and labelling requirements necessary for organizing a large schoolwide order. We will seek performance feedback from students and families later in the season to decide which ones should stay on, but please email us at anytime with your thoughts and comments.

Here is a taste of the new menus:

Entrée with Rice (S): $6.50
* Sweet & Sour Chicken
* Teriyaki Chicken
* Green Pepper & Pork
* Shitake Mushroom & Tofu
Entrée with Rice (L): $8.00
* Sweet & Sour Chicken
* Pork Cutlet
* Korean Style Beef

Entrée with Rice & Broccoli (S): $6.00
Entrée with Rice & Broccoli (L): $8.00

* Salty Peppery Chicken
* Egg Fried Rice (Deep Fried Pork Chop)
* BBQ Pork Chop
* Fried Noodles (Taiwan Style) with Beef

* Chicken or Falafel with Rice/Half Pita and Tzatziki Sauce $7.50
* Chicken Skewer w/ Caesar Salad $7.50
* Pita (full) with Tzatziki Sauce $4.25
* Caesar Salad $5.50

* 3-Piece Chicken + Fries – Reg $7.75
* 3-Piece Chicken + Fries – Cheese $8.00

Also new this year is a delicious twist to our monthly snack offering with the introduction of our Snacks Around the World series, where we bring you treats that will feature a different culture every time. We hope you’re bready for this season and doughnut hesitate to order!

For our popcorn fans, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered in November.

Bon Appétit!