Mistletoe Market 2023

A highly anticipated annual event, Ms. Chu’s Mistletoe Market remains consistently in demand for the Grades 5-7 students who are eligible to apply for one of the limited 20 tables available for rent. Prospective participants began crafting plans for approval in early November, ensuring that similar wares did not occupy more than 2 tables.

Whether working in collaboration or individually, this event serves as a fun and educational exercise in production, accounting, and promotion. Participants were restricted to showcasing only hand-made items crafted during their free time outside of school. Pricing their creations between $1 and $5 in $1 increments, students had the flexibility to employ enticing strategies, such as BOGO specials and gradual price reductions as the market approached its closing minutes.

Operating as a cash-only affair, the event challenged students to apply their mathematical skills, managing a “float” of $20 in various denominations. With 10% of the proceeds contributing to a charitable cause, while another 10% covering the table rental fee, Ms. Chu adeptly maximized the potential of this cherished tradition, creating an enjoyable experience appreciated by both parents and students alike. We hope you enjoy images from this year’s Mistletoe Market held on Friday, December 1st!