2024 Book Fair

The school year is filled with traditions that all students eagerly anticipate, and the Scholastic Book Fair is no exception. Not only does it offer them the chance to shop for their favourite graphic novels, fiction series, or educational books, but they also understand that the net proceeds from all sales during the 3-day Fair go directly to the library fund. This fund enables the purchase of books and supplies for both the library and all the classrooms. Here are the main things to remember to make the most out of this year’s Book Fair:

  • When: Tuesday, April 30 – Thursday, May 2
  • Where: School Library
  • Each teacher will sign up for a Book Fair time that may be different than their regular scheduled library time. Check your child’s agenda for details
  • Children can bring cash to pay for the purchase. There will be a machine for debit/credit transactions that adults can use on Wednesday, May 1st when the library will be open for families from 1:55pm (early dismissal for Student-Led Conferences) until 4:30pm
  • There will be wish lists made by teachers for books that they would love to add to their classroom libraries. If families wish to donate a book to their student’s class, please request the wish list from your teacher ❤️