Munch a Lunch

What is the Brantford Hot Lunch Program?

The Brantford hot lunch program is the school’s main fundraiser for the year. Participation in the program by our families provides valuable funds that are put back into the school to benefit all students. We use local vendors that provide popular meals for our students on a set number of days per week.

How do I order hot lunches?

All hot lunch dates, menus, and ordering are available through the web-based program,

How do I access MunchaLunch?

Parents new to MunchaLunch must create an account

Go to the MunchaLunch Registration page, follow the prompts to register an account, and add your child(ren)’s information.

Returning parents may go directly to the Login page to order or to make changes to their account.

What happens if my child is away on their hot lunch date?

You may pick up your child’s lunch or it will be donated. To pick up:

1.     Email before 12pm to let them know you want to pick up your child’s lunch.

2.     Pick up is between 12:30 -12:45pm.

Lunches will only be held if an email is sent before 12pm and you arrive between 12:30-12:45pm.

Any lunches not picked up by 12:45pm will be donated.

Who do I contact if have a question about MunchaLunch or issues with my hot lunch order?

Please contact us at

When do I have to pay for my hot lunch order?

New this Fall 2022, the PAC is moving to a set pre-ordering period for the Fall, Winter and Spring hot lunch terms. All orders for the Fall term (Sep – Dec 2022) must be ordered and paid for before Wed. Sep 21, 2022. No orders for the Fall term will be allowed after Wed. Sep 21, 2022 @ 11:59pm.

We are trialing this pre-ordering for the Fall term to streamline work for the PAC. If it works well, we will continue for the Winter and Spring terms as follows:

  • Winter term ordering (Jan – Mar 2023) will open for 2 weeks in Dec 2022.
  • Spring term ordering (Apr – Jun 2023) will open for 2 weeks in Mar 2023.

I got a confirmation email for my order. Does that mean I have paid?

MunchaLunch sends an email with confirmation of the order, but that does not mean your order is necessarily paid. You can check if you have an outstanding payment in your account as follows:

  • Select My Account in the main header
  • Select View My Balance from the drop down menu

Why is my account locked and what do I do?

MunchaLunch automatically locks your account if you have a missed payment deadline. You will need to contact to have the order(s) with the missed payments cancelled and your account reopened.

How do I check what dates I have ordered hot lunch?

You can check your orders in your account as follows:

  • Select My Account in the main header
  • Select View My Orders from the drop down menu
  • Select View button for the pertinent order

Can I cancel or edit hot lunch orders once they are placed?

You can cancel or edit a hot lunch as long as the ordering cut-off has not passed (See When do I have to pay for my hot lunch order). If your order is eligible to be edited or cancelled, you will see the option to edit/cancel in your account as follows:

  • Select My Account in the main header
  • Select View My Orders from the drop down menu
  • Select the Edit/Cancel button for the pertinent order
  • If you see a lock symbol under the Edit/Cancel column, you may contact to see if we can possibly assist you with editing or cancelling your order

Are you able to accommodate allergies?

As our school is nut-free, our vendors must provide nut-free meals. Nut allergies may be entered for your child in your MunchaLunch account as follows:

  • Select My Family in the main header
  • Select My Children from the drop down menu
  • Select Edit button for the child with the food allergy
  • Enter Food Allergies and Click Save

If your child has a reaction to nuts and you will be ordering a hot lunch, we advise you contact us at prior to ordering so we can highlight your child’s nut allergy to the vendor(s). Please make sure you receive a confirmation email from us that your information has been received and passed along to the vendor(s).

At this time, we cannot accommodate allergies other than nuts.