PAC Executives

The Brantford PAC Executives are a volunteer group of parents/guardians with children at Brantford. This group meets once a month and works closely with the school principal and staff to advocate on behalf of parents/students for the benefit of our school community. The PAC Executives support initiatives to generate school funding from grants and fundraising events/activities, as well as to encourage parent involvement in the school. Please join us at the monthly General PAC meetings.


Hi! My name is Michelle. This is my fourth year on the PAC, as I love being involved with the community and helping as much as I can. I have two energetic boys in Grades 4 and 6. I currently have two home businesses, and love to be active in my spare time. I look forward to getting to know more about the staff and parents this year!

Michelle Mark – Chair

I’m Anita, and I have two kids attending Brantford. My son is in Grade 4 and my daughter in Grade 2. This is my second year serving on the PAC Committee and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the students, staff, and parents. Although we all lead busy lives, I am grateful that we have a strong community to support the kids and our school with various learning and development initiatives. I also work as a Life Coach and Product Development Consultant. In my spare time, I like to run, travel, and go on adventures with my family.

Anita Chin – Vice Chair

I started helping with the PAC last Fall when my child started in the French Immersion program. At the time, I stepped in to help with setting up our fundraisers in MunchaLunch, and I’ll continue that support this year while also acting as Treasurer. I’ve met a lot of fun and kind people volunteering over the years and hope my small contribution here can return some of that fun and kindness in our school community!

Cathy Safadi – Treasurer

I’m Brenda and I have two kids attending Brantford. My older daughter is in Grade 5 and my younger daughter is in Grade 4. This will be my second year as PAC Secretary, and I look forward to once again being a part of the committee and supporting the school comnmunity! In addition to serving as PAC Secretary, I also work as an EA and Human Resources Coordinator. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring the outdoors with my family, reading, and trying new recipes to cook.

Brenda To – Secretary

I’m Karen, and my son is in Grade 3. I have been helping out the PAC since he was in Kindergarten. This is my second year on the PAC Executive as Fundraising Coordinator. I have enjoyed being on the PAC, and love being involved in school. I look forward to a great year ahead. I love to cook, read, and enjoy being outdoors.

Karen Rai-Johal – Fundraising

I’m Jean, and I have two kids attending Brantford (Grade 3 and Kindergarten). This is my second year joining the PAC Executives at Brantford and representing our committee in DPAC. Please let me know if you have any suggestions needing to be voiced to DPAC. In my regular time, I work as Head of Software Engineering in a technology company. I enjoy travelling and coding in my spare time. Hopefully, I will spend some time on updating our PAC website in 2022-2023.

Jean Su – DPAC (District PAC)

I have a child in the French Immersion program (Grade 2). This is my second year as a Canadian Parent for French (CPF) representative, and I look forward to making meaningful contributions towards the school community. I am an Onboard Lead at Vancouver Coastal Health focusing on the Bill 47 Repatriation Project. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family.

Sandra Wu – CPF Rep

I’m Selena, and this is my second time being on the PAC Executive. I enjoy getting to know the community, and I look forward to furthering PAC initiatives. My son is in Grade 6, and I enjoy reading and running in my spare time.

Selena Lee – Member at Large



Acts as spokesperson for Brantford PAC. Coordinates committees, meetings, annual budget, yearly events, and year-end reporting in consultation with PAC executives and school principal.

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Serves as acting chair in the event the chairperson is unable to perform their duties. Assists the chairperson with their respective duties including coordinating volunteers, parent education nights, and chairing a committee to review the constitution as required.

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Responsible for managing and reporting the finances of the PAC.

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Records and distributes meetings of all PAC meetings.

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Recommends fundraising events to PAC executive and school principal, and supports fundraising committees.

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Attends and reports on the Burnaby School District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) meetings.

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Attends and reports on Canadian Parents for French (CPF) meetings. This position must be filled for the school to quality for a grant that is offered for the French program.

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Attends PAC meetings and carries out roles as needed.

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